Earn Cryptocurrencies with Zaigar

Zaigar is a bounty platform that destines uses Blockchain's technology and spread digital tokens and currencies.

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We provide the best services to our users

You can join crypto market and get involved with cryptocurrencies and we can help you!

Zaigar does its best to spread the knowledge about blockchain based coins and tokens. Among other ways, here you will be able to earn crypto:

  • Writing posts
  • Recording videos
  • Translating texts
  • Liking pages
  • Making profiles
  • Managing groups
  • Spreading cryptos
  • Exploring your creativity

Learn how to use ZAIGAR's services

Zaigar's platform connects crypto companies and projects with enthusiasts who wish to profit in this market by promoting it. Here you will learn and earn by:

  • Performing Marketing Actions
  • Spreading Blockchain Technology
  • Engaging people around cryptocurrencies
  • Helping the market to grow with concrete actions

Explore your potential with ZAIGAR

Bitcoin and Digital Currencies have redefined the financial system . The involvement in this market can bring:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities

Connect to the world with ZAIGAR

Zaigar connects people around the world around blockchain technology and digital currencies and tokens, helping to fuel a booming market worldwide.

Do not miss the opportunity to be connected to a universe of people all over the world to make this market flourish, generating more opportunities for all!

How does Zaigar Works?

Earning Crypto along with Zaigar is something simple.
Just follow the steps below:


Sign In

Make your registration on the Zaigar platform with your email or social networks available.


Choose a Task

Zaigar lists several tasks that people can choose to perform to win cryptocurrency or.


Realize and Report

Do what you set out to do and report the execution according to what was requested in the chosen task.

Spread your crypto project
with Zaigar!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Tasks

  • Facebook Cover Task

    Compensate crypto users that changes their Facebook cover images to promote your project.

  • Facebook Share Task

    Compensate crypto users that share posts and news about your project.

  • Facebook Posts Tasks

    Compensate crypto users that write posts to spread your project.

  • Facebook Groups Tasks

    Compensate crypto users that spread news about your project in Facebook related groups.


Youtube Marketing

Youtube Tasks

Telegram Marketing

Telegram Tasks


Twitter Marketing

Twitter Tasks

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Tasks


Marketing Variado

Other Tasks

  • Sign In Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that sign in to your website/service and help the traffic and relevance to grow.

  • Translation Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that translates whitepapers e documentations of your blockchain/crypto projects.

  • Downloads Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that makes downloads of some app that belongs to your project.

  • Tests and Bugs Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that tests platforms and finding bugs raising your project's security.

  • Blogging Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that writes blog posts about your project.

  • New Ideas in general Tasks

    Compensate in crypto users that brings new ideas that be accepted to be implemented in your project.



Read our whitepaper with all information about the design of Zaigar platform and learn the differentials we bring to the market.

Our Team

Zaigar has qualified professionals to work in this disruptive and innovative market


Luan Ítalo

Co-founder e CMO

Ismael Santos

Growth Director

Rui Braga


Heslei Oliveira

Commercial Director

Marcelo Borges

Financial Director

Jessika Lino

Telegram Support

Rodrigo Cremer

Business Partner

Samuel Bradoke


Fabiane Marques

Legal Director

Renato Almeida

Project Advisor and Analyst

Gabriel Cazita



Frequently asked questions

See here the answers to main questions about our platform.

  • Who can join Zaigar and earn Cryptocurrencies?

    Any person from any country in the world can participate in Zaigar, since there is no legal obstacle preventing them from participating in that market in their country of origin. We recommend that everyone is over 14 years old.

  • What will I be able to do with the crypto I earn?

    You can save them and expect a possible future valuation. Depending on the currency or token you earn, you can also exchange them for another crypto, or, if you prefer, you can put credit on your cell phone, pay bills, or exchange them for fiat money and use in whatever you want.

  • How much can I earn on Zaigar for 3 months, for instance?

    This depends a lot on the tasks that are made available and the ones in which you actually participate successfully. With the constant growth and expansion of ZAIGAR, you can earn from ZERO up to THOUSANDS of dollars, estimated. But these prognoses are not still and everything depends on the tasks demanded by the projects and the effective participation of the users of the platform in them.

  • What is a valid user?

    A user who has connected some social networks to Zaigar proving who he/she really is and/or has participated in at least one task.

  • Does Zaigar limits the maximum gains of the platform users?

    No. All users can participate in all the tasks offered. Zaigar does not limit the amount of actions a user can make or the amount of currencies and digital tokens he can earn.

  • Is Zaigar offering jobs to its users?

    No. Zaigar connects blockchain and cryptocurrencies projects that pay to users who engage in varying marketing and expansion actions in exchange for currencies or digital tokens. Users choose whether and in what terms they will accept the project proposals and how they will perform on them. All absolutely free and autonomous. It is up to the user to decide how much time he/she will devote to completing the tasks, all without any obligation or labor relationship of any kind with Zaigar.

  • What are active tasks?

    Active tasks are running campaigns that are valid at any given time. Not all different task to connect projects and users in Zaigar are active at all times. All depends on what kind of tasks are offered by the projects and accepted by the users who wish to perform the assigned tasks in exchange for the proposed rewards.